What you need to know today: Section 8 Waiting List Lottery

Section 8: Here are 5 things you need to know about the Section 8 Waitlist Lottery before you apply

There’s a household earning cap. For example, in order to qualify, a household of four must earn no more than $59,550.
You’ll need your social security number or an identification number for non-citizens.
It could take several months or up to 10 years before the interview process begins.
You can apply if you don’t live in the city, but preference is given to people who live, work, or have been hired to work in the city of L.A.
While you can transfer your voucher to other areas outside of the city, you’re required to use it within the city for at least one year before moving somewhere else.

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After council scandal, L.A. leaders area unit considering major changes to the facility dynamics within the town, together with board elections. Acting Council President Mitch O’Farrell same he would push a proposal for L.A. Unified administrative district board candidates to receive public funding, doubtless creating it easier for first-time candidates or candidates with no political connections, to get a seat on the board.

New York City’s council has fifty one members, meantime L.A. ‘s has 15. It’s been that means for nearly the last a hundred years. Why? My colleague Caitlin Hernández explains the explanations behind why that’s and the way this effort to expand the council.
With L.A. County elections simply a couple of weeks away, some of L.A.’s Asian yank leaders area unit cautioning political candidates from creating their communities a “scapegoat” or “political wedge” following the town Hall tape leak.

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You might shortly notice that a number of the cars you’re stuck in traffic with on the 405 have digital license plates. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a replacement law which will permit Californians to urge digital license plates, creating it easier to renew registration mechanically. like nearly all of the newest school, these plates go together with a caveat: they need chase capabilities.

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When Oaxacan Mexicano proprietor and author Bricia Lopez detected Nury Martinez and therefore the different L.A. leaders spout and mock disparaging remarks regarding endemic folks on the town council tape last Sunday, she felt associate degree large quantity of anger. scan this text regarding the pain of being forgotten, left behind and suppressed.

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